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Assisting families, general investigations, vehicle theft & more.

Ethekweni Risk Consultants

Ethekweni Risk Consultants (Pty) LTD is an ensemble of highly skilled professional specialist investigators. The investigation team are former South African Police Services specialised Durban Murder and Robbery Unit and Serious and Violent Crimes Unit members with many years of experience. In addition to the above, the team have gained valuable experience in the corporate sector with Ubuntu Business Advisory and Consulting, Ernst and Young, Toyota SA and Standard Bank South Africa. The team are affiliates of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners South Africa (ACFE).

Unsolved Murder Cases

Assisting families and the police with regards to unsolved murder cases.

General Investigations

General investigations of theft and robberies.

Vehicle Syndicates

Investigating vehicle syndicates, fraudulent banking scams and commercial related investigations.

Cyber Related Crimes

Cyber related crimes of extortion, fraud and forgery.

Cheating & Infidelity

Investigations relating to cheating and infidelity.

Presenting Evidence

Preparation & compilation for disciplinary enquiries, criminal court cases and civil disputes.

More Services

Certified services for your every need.


Tracing of people and assets.

Polygraph Services

Polygraph testing can help you find out the truth.


Profiling and vetting of employees.

Risk Asessments

Shine a spotlight on the road ahead.

Undercover Agents

Deployment of undercover agents.

Tracking and Surveillance

Tracking and surveillance services.

Counter Surveillance

Services including tracing of bugs, listening devices.

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